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Wichita sheet vinyl flooring is a fully synthetic polymer flooring option with pigmentation added for color. Flexible and non-porous.

Extremely inexpensive and can be glued or nailed over sub-flooring. Durable and flexible, easy to clean and highly water resistant.

The process and chemicals needed to make vinyl flooring can emit VOC’s into the air over time. The soft quality of vinyl flooring means sharp objects can easily gouge it, after which it is extremely difficult to repair.


Sheet Vinyl Options

Sheet vinyl flooring for Wichita homes is a layered construction sold in both 6′ and 12′ widths. There are two types of construction identified by the type of backing used:

  • Felt: Felt-backed is the most popular choice today for sheet vinyl flooring in Wichita.
  • Fiberglass: This newer type of construction provides a more resilient, cushioned feel underfoot and offers the most comfort and the most installation options.

The top layers of construction are identical in both felt and fiberglass vinyl flooring:

  • Protective top coat: Urethane or another high-performance top coat provides ease of maintenance by resisting scratches and scuffs in a wipe clean finish.
  • Protective clear vinyl layer: This thick layer of protection enhances performance and adds durability by protecting against rips, tears, and gouges. The thicker the clear vinyl layer, the more durable and lasting your vinyl floor will be.
  • Printed vinyl design layer: The rotogravure printing process allows an unlimited array of patterns and designs in vinyl flooring. In fact, some of today’s top-selling styles feature very realistic interpretations of natural materials including wood and stone.

The bottom layers for both constructions differ:

  • Felt: Sheet vinyl with a bottom layer of felt adheres directly to the subfloor.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass backed vinyl flooring provides for greater dimensional stability. This means fiberglass vinyl will not curl, lays flat, and installs without glue. Additionally, the fiberglass backing provides a cushiony, soft feel underfoot.
  • The type of backing determines how your vinyl floor can be installed.

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