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Five Common Flooring Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Let’s face it – flooring can make or break your space. Some flooring has that “wow” factor and some are just okay. Let Designer’s Home Gallery Wichita flooring store help you to avoid some common flooring design mistakes.

1. Staying On The Straight And Narrow

Let us be clear: we are not anti-pattern carpet! In fact, a beautiful patterned carpet can work well in a dining room, hallway, or even a living room. However, when you add in a pattern, you’ve now got to balance the other pieces of the room’s design. For example, you want solid colors for furniture and drapes. That way the pattern on the carpet doesn’t have to compete with many other patterns. Sometimes in design, less is more.

2. Wrong Material

Perhaps you have recently installed new flooring and want to see it in other areas of your home. Some types of flooring are not good choices in a room that gets moisture, or a playroom that ends up with finger paint on the floor. It’s important to consider the purpose and multiple functions of the room – what are the flooring needs or a particular area? Solid hardwood isn’t a smart choice next to a shower stall and carpet doesn’t belong in the kitchen or in a high traffic utility room. Luckily the Designers at DHG's Wichita flooring store can help you assess what flooring material will be right for your space.

3. Too Many Flooring Changes

Maybe you envision solid hardwoods in the living room, tile in the kitchen and carpeted stairs and hallways. Often this can work out fine, but you do want a design expert to help you be mindful of how many flooring types are visible from a single vantage point within your home. Is it possible to continue hardwoods through the hallways? Your home is often your biggest investment, and we want to make sure we increase the value of your home through your new flooring installation, not lesson it.

4. Do it Yourself (DIY) Installation

There are many homeowners who enjoy a weekend project. Unfortunately, a novice carpet, laminate or even tile installation almost certainly will produce a sub-par final product. Some areas of concern are failing to measure the room correctly or coming to the bottom stair with not quite enough carpet. Maybe you'll want to save on your home remodeling project, but leave the hauling, clean-up and installation to Wichita's flooring store professionals at Designer’s Home Gallery.

5. Falling for the Gimmicks

Every industry has them. Have you seen the $39 installation fee? Buy one room get two free? Often consumers fall for ad gimmicks too good to be true and then end up paying later in the fine print with the costs hidden somewhere else. In the case of Big Box Stores, if you save on installation you often are charged a higher rate on carpet pad to cover the hit. After all, what type of installer would do a day’s worth of work for $39 or even $99? And if they would, would you really want them working in your home? This is why it’s important to review the TOTAL cost of the project and not make a decision based on certain line items. Gimmicks are meant to attract the price shoppers, and while we want you to get a good value there is wisdom in the old phrase “you get what you pay for.”

The flooring experts at Designer’s Home Gallery want to help you avoid these common mistakes. Give us a call today to get started with a complimentary design consultation and help us in our goal to save the world from Ugly Floors – we are located right here in Wichita!